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Adding Joy to Every Day

Here to help you walk through life.


Our professional staff is dedicated to helping all in our care live life fully. In addition to our well-rounded wellness and life enrichment program, we provide exceptional on-site health services including:
  • A Director of Nursing to ensure good health and supervise our 24/7 on-site care staff. 
  • Physician oversight. 
  • Licensed caregivers and medication technicians. 
  • On-site physical, occupational and speech therapy from preferred partners, or accommodations for on-site visits from your choice of provider.
  • Assistance with telemedicine appointments.
  • Fitness studio with a selection of fitness equipment, exercise classes and more.
  • Well-balanced menus and dining services to ensure good nutritional health. 
  • Regular resident assessments and communication with loved ones. 
In addition, we are proud to provide support to any family who has a loved one with memory loss – whether or not they choose to live in our community. We offer educational programs led by experts in dementia care, support groups for families who are providing care for loved ones at home, as well as short term stay options in case families need to travel, work or take a short break from care.

Nurturing the four dimensions 
of whole-person wellness.

At Serra Sol, we believe that wellness goes beyond just physical health. Our signature LifeCycles Wellness Program is designed to help individuals make the most of every day. Whether it’s through dining services, activities, health care or just everyday conversations, every staff member understands and supports the social, spiritual, intellectual and physical needs of each person in our care.

Social engagement is encouraged through celebrations, family events, entertainment and special-interest clubs. Visits with pets and children help residents feel connected and loved.In addition to traditional weekly worship services, Activities to promote spiritual fulfillment may include meditation, aromatherapy, listening to music, volunteer projects or connecting with nature.Activities such as crafts, games, baking and educational classes along with trips to local events and attractions, are all great ways to stimulate the brain.Physical activities like walking, prescriptive exercise, yoga or other group classes, trips and fresh-air drives help manage stress and encourage independence.


Nowhere is this philosophy more evident than in our Life Enrichment Program. Through a wide variety of one-on-one and group activities, our Seasons Curriculum features fun themes for making meaningful connections and strengthening the four dimensions of wellness.

Celebrate Life!

What truly sets Serra Sol apart from other memory care communities is our commitment to making the most of living each day. We believe that despite age, despite ailments, most individuals want the same thing: to live a life filled with joy, fun and purpose.
We’re proud to create custom programming for all residents in our care. We do that by getting to know your loved one, through conversations with you and them both. We want to know everything – their background and history, their career, their hobbies and what they love and value. We ensure that your loved one has the opportunity to continue doing the things they love – whether it’s tending to an herb garden, visiting the beach, baking pies, painting or other hobbies! We also provide opportunities for residents in our care to try new things. Residents in our care have taken helicopter rides, gone to rock concerts, attended sporting events, volunteered at local elementary schools or taken a spin in the classic car they always dreamed about. 


Every day is an opportunity for growth, fulfillment and best of all, fun, at Serra Sol. 

Activity Calendar

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